giovedì 8 settembre 2016

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re:diamante foto ben de biel
first point: it was a realy great pleasure to answer again new questions of max dax at his "galerie der gespraeche" yesterday night in berlin. the opener was actually my "decreto penale di condanna" from the city of palermo since 1,5 months. convicted of a criminal offence. meine verurteilung.

re:diamante foto ben the biel
i have to pay 7835,00 € till 15677,00 € or i´ve to go 60 days in jail plus 250,00 €, because 2,5 years ago i wrote "si vende" of our old fountain in the center of the piazza garraffello in palermo. anyway best story ever in my last 17 years in and out of the piazza garraffello and me. sure they want the money, but i´ve no idea what they wanna do with it. but its an international case, not an abuse easy cash case. 

re:diamante foto max dax
second point: testament. this cute book gave me luci lux, the wife of max dax. and this document i made also yesterday in berlin for costanza lanza di scalea, my wife since 2004 and the person who knows all informations and documents about what i did and what i did not, the truth and the lies at the piazza garraffello. if i have misfortune for example like death, killed, accident, so than costanza has the authority about all my things what i did and did not at the piazza garraffello and in palermo since 1999. 

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best point of all: the costanza book is documented and signed by max dax, signed by costanza and signed by me. after captain´s dinner, cena siciliana. 
1) cozze peppate in bianco 
2) pennette cu´puippu 
3) maccedonia 
insalata di rucola e pane di milazzo. espresso fatto con la faema e-61 

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