lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

domenica 30 ottobre 2016

piazza garraffello day 76

stanza di compensazione

piazza garraffello day 75


today i have seen the most beautiful picture at the piazza garraffello ever. i waked up after a blackout behind the bancomat in the center of the square. when i opened my eyes i saw a blue sky with softly clouds inside, the palazzo lo mazzarino, on it the banca nazion sign, the red cross and all the garraffello faces. they were looking with their big eyes into my yellow cold face. someone put with his fingers waterdrops from the fontaine on my face. others put my legs higher up the green chair. i´ve seen a symmetric personal frame with the last people they rested, the last neighborhood from the time when i started here. i saw a dramatic costanza in the middle of them. the ambulance came and took me to the hospital. the dramatic palermo city hospital. blood on the flour, blood on the roof, blood shines in your eyes. blood everywhere.

venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

piazza garraffello day 74


time ago in palermo we had toilets of pure gold, thats how is made our DNA, that dark heart pumps out our sweet blood into our veins. 

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2016

piazza garraffello day 72

apocalyptic rider

the apocalyptic rider´s real name is piero. mr piero lost his job. he was a public line bus driver in the city of palermo. from that day on he wasn´t able to go home to his wife, because no money, no food, no love anymore. thats why he climbed up to the roof of one palace of the 4 canti and he cried in a megaphone for all the people in the city, that he wanted jump down. his wife and a lot of other sicilian women were running by quickly. they cried: stop piero, don´t jump! piero! piero! no! the firefighters up on the electric ladder ready to catched him, while mr piero cried to the firefighters: stop! don´t come too close to me! if you come, i´ve to jump into death! they answered: ok piero, we don´t come too close, but piero listen, don´t jump! the time was passing and suddenly the women started to cry: jump piero jump! but the firefighters cried against: no piero don´t jump! the melody how the women were crying, i put inside of my painting, the faces of rhythm from left to right, half-half-quater with echo-half-big-half-big-half-quater with echo-half-half and loop it. the angels up in the sky are two half-half stop and go chorus. mr piero was falling backwards into blackout. the only thing that the people saw, were his shoes on the roof. the firefighters put him on the roof and brought him down in the arms of his wife. his wife took him at home and i swear that the first thing what they did, was making love. 


giovedì 13 ottobre 2016

piazza garraffello giorno 59

costanza, bancomat, gli interessi, piazza garraffello 

é il bancomat della banca nazion. l´unica banca in italia che non chiede soldi dalla eurozona. anzi gli interessi sono operazioni che sporcano ogni giorno la piazza. il giro dei soldi é caratteristico diciamo. la banca nazion é sempre chiusa, le finestre sono murate. il bancomat ti offre un investimento di 10€, allora le carte di valore, una edizione limitata di 1000 copie delle palermo icone. le palermo icone sono i miei cittadini preferiti, che non ci sono piú, perché sono le icone del mercato della vucciria. alla fine hai una edizione a casa che vale in 5 anni ca 100 fino a 150 €. hai stabilizzato la banca nazion. allora il bancomat e la banca nazion é una win-win situazione per la tua cittá.