domenica 30 ottobre 2016

piazza garraffello day 76

stanza di compensazione

today i don´t ask myself anymore why i´m still here. since 1999 i have a a strange collection of interruptions in my works only at this square. 2000 a violent robbery at the stanza 21 at 4 pm, 2006 violent attacks in my face in front of my cattedrale dei rifiuti, because i didn´t give the location credits of my art to a french commercial fashion foto shooting, 10 days after the big remove, more than 40 tons garbage of my cattedrale dei rifiuti by ca 30 policemen and 2 police officers with fantastic uniforms. 2014 firefighters destroyed the sign banca nazion in the order of the city and 2 months later a policecar took me away from the bancomat, because i´ve written on our old fountain: si vende. yesterday at 1 pm at the bancomat the ambulance took me away. but this morning the incredible costanza installed the bancomat the first time alone,´cause i´m not able to move me and i´m full of pills and injections. and thats why i don´t ask myself anymore why i´m here in the deep dark heart of the sometimes too much dramatic palermo.

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