mercoledì 5 aprile 2017

piazza garraffello day 173


the durex tropic story (pt.3)

sure it isn´t easy to understand for italian visiters they come in our town to bring us more cash, but this modern architecture tower is properly the highest durex tropic tower in the whole italy. always vertical. every day the tower swells up more than 30 cm into the sky. in the next couple of months we will win 2 or 3 new floors without spending only 1 euro. upstairs is the most expensive apartment ever.

and sure don´t forget the biggest and highest, the durex hotel of porto empedocle since 2009. but its a hotel not a tower. still in sicily, what i did for the 53rd biennale venice in a collateral part of the porn pavilion. it seems that i crossed the line of my heart to go so deep as i can inside the intellect and spirit of the italian contemporary thing directed by the reality. i don´t know this art critic mister achille bonita oliva, the man with the red points up on his big nose, but can you feel how much money you get if you drive inn?

⏩ durex tropic

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