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post: 1228
people from palermo: 2551
dogs: 38
tourists: 17
date: 27th june - 9th july 2017
shopping center: centro commerciale forum palermo
installation: piazza garraffello inc.
assistants: clara, roberta, marine
press officier forum palermo: margherita gigliotta
instagram selection:
instagram main:
coordination: costanza lanza di scalea, uwe jaentsch

this is my first social media catalogue. in it the people of palermo and i prefer them from the first day on since i worked here and i pulled out their souls again and again for the pretty beauty of the arts. one of these days i read in an italian newspaper, that, from all cities of italy, the most smiling people are in palermo. doesn´t matter that the problems are a bit harder here, the run of the money is like a sick russian family roulette. i approve. installing "banca nazion" on the top of the main palace of the piazza garraffello was the better reaction than to write "bancarotta" and in front of the "banca nazion" i installed in small periods the "bancomat" with personal service. the performing rules of the "bancomat" were 7 days in a week business hours like the tradition business hours of the historic vucciria market. only costanza or me were sitting on the "bancomat".

the last performance was our longest ever, 268 days with only 2 breaks and the last 13 days at the shopping center "forum palermo" 12 business hours at the day under hard conditions, harder than in the piazza garraffello. transporting the "bancomat" from the ex historic commercial heart, currently the black hole of wasting public money into a shopping center, another black hole of the money, to rebuild a historic black hole in a global black hole. from "banca nazion" to "family friendly" and who cares in palermo? you find some neighbors in their rebuild square, if you try the instagram hashtag #cittadinidellavucciria or selections like #palermofamiglia #crimepalermo #centrocommercialekiss. there´re any links to go deep inside, good for the why and the what of the elements of the ex heart of the city, the shopping center, the social media and the year 2017.

remember what i said to our italian visitors, they passed at the "bancomat" this year: here on the leftside the "durex tropic tower", the biggest, the highest, most vertical tower in italy. in 10 years you will buy for 10 euros a small touristic plastic version in souvenir shops in rome, but the originals you can find in palermo only. mostly they don´t laugh,´cause there is nothing to laugh. and for this also thank you, but not for the lies, not for all the bad conscience you give me every day.


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