mercoledì 23 novembre 2016

piazza garraffello day 100

2013 palermo icona

i got the first kiss of costanza in the rain at the piazza garraffello under an apocalyptic palace, which collapsed 10 years later in the same mouth exactly. she said that in her whole life she was reading only 3 books, because she has too much to do. awesome, if i think today, that she produced with me 4 no isbn books, 4 dvds and 1 vinyl record in a correctly free economic way out from the supermarket religion and the italian politics art control of the friends from other friends and the daughers and the sons of the best friends. each product of them she touched before she sold at the bancomat between drugs, cocktails and beers, otherwise the only things what you can buy at this square. she is pure instinct and the most privileged woman ever, because she is able to move, to talk in absolutely all levels of the sociality always with the same face, the same smile. she is speed. she´s a dancer. she´s super sicilian.

but i tell, don´t make her angry. if you try to make her angry, you hurt yourself. thats all what you have to know about her.

that is my personal impression of modern art. italy is the most limited and boring place in the world of art contemporary and pop culture where ever i was. although not the piazza garraffello and not costanza lanza di scalea.


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