sabato 5 novembre 2016

piazza garraffello day 82

46432,82 € riqualificazione, fontana della piazza garraffello

"you are german" 
"no austrian"
"but its the same" 
"but you are very different than we are, our kids too" 
"the germans kids" 
"and i tell you that the german kids have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, hairs up on the top like the italian kids. girls and boys, same constellation" 
"..but the education is different" 
"just a question of the mother, signora isn´t it?" 
"anyway we have to check the dimensions of the fountain again" 
"oh again" 
"yes thats our work"
"signora, how do you think? that makes sense?" 
"i studied history, i know this fountain as well. we did the masterplan of the renovation for this fountain just 20 years ago. finally we have got the money from the EU" 
"how much?" 
"46.432,82 €" 
"to take the old stones out from the fountain, which you´ve thrown inside after the last riqualificazione of the last pavement on this square of 2,4 mio € from the EU?" 
"yes you are right"  
"i advice that you should come after midnight again to check out the dimension of our old fountain" 
"what does it mean?" 
"it means that if you´ll come between 2am and 4am to check out the dimensions and you will get in touch by the contemporary history where this old fountain exactly is" 
"we are not working in the night" 
"but if you come at this time, maybe you can´t find the fountain, because its full of bottles from our lovely drunken kids, someone of them clash the bottles against the fountain, just for fun, you know." 
"but they are uncivil kids. its a shame. they are not like my kids" 
"i tell you that they´re your kids too. mostly they are from places at the city where you are living and they come with a smart and a mastercard of their parents. but its ok. all kids lose the control when they drunk too much. splinter of glass from the broken bottles in the fountain is a fantastic effect on heroin. otherwice on coke its much better you look up to the red cross and my name under the banca nazion, before you throw the bottle into the fountain. but hurry up, they old big stones here inside was your work and costs a lot of money. an expensive damage" 
"now you see how different are our kids than yours" 
"we have arabian blood in our bloodline" 
"you have any ideas how we should do the renovation of this old fountain, i´m asking you curiously only?" 
"make a cage for the fountain" 
"a cage?" 
"yes with a door for people they need the water" 
"but this is very bad, a gage" 
"after we did the walls 2,5 years ago to close all the streets into this square. bad image too" 
"perhaps a gage is good to safe the fountain for clashin´ bottles and for the next collapse of one of these palaces behind the fountain, do you see?" 
"germans are so precisely" 
"i´m austrian"
"but its the same" 

after the leader vip woman and the vip group of the bene comune di palermo were gone away. they didn´t put the dimensions of the fountain anymore. maybe they were afraid of the dark eyes of my neighbours, they looked like how they look like when some staffers of the comune come to the piazza garraffello. i don´t care, this are sicilian intern stories. 

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