domenica 4 febbraio 2018

stanza di compensazione day 73rd

palermo against palermo, durex tropic tower 00:45 am

palermo against palermo, money against money. thats what we see out of the window from the "stanza di compensazione occupata" and the main interventions on the top of the palazzo lo mazzarino in the center of the piazza garraffello "uwe ti ama" and "banca nazion" were eliminated 74 days ago. but not the "stanza di compensazione occupata" inside the building where we are right now. we are properly surrounded by people they think they are the future, but they don't know how to built the future. sometimes a police officier comes up to our room to make a complaint to leave the building. sometimes other people come to visit us. in the middle of the room is a big desk with chairs to talk and to deal with the situation, sure, for a short while only. we are in 3, costanza and me and outside in the city valerio, our smart loyer. in these days, i think he is fishing in the north. icefishing.

palermo against palermo, durex tropic tower 04:09 am

i'm a little bit surprised because i'm glad that the installation "stanza di compensazione occupata" is working so real. there´s no idea who is the next visitor tomorrow. fact is thats definitivly the most expensive pice of art which i created in italy and the sicilians can't wait to distroy the value. ´cause its beautiful. like the durex tropic tower or the fat panino eagle with the svastica. only idiots think that art its for free. the since-1986-mayor of the city sends a cheap middleclass family group to the piazza garraffello for a easy going riqualification. 8 mounths ago the first intervention of them was with a pressure water pump to clean up the square. they aswered: "desinfication by the people they live and passed here!" the pressure water pump was broken after 5 minutes. unfinished intervention. it reminds again of the first movie planet of the apes. how deep can you go? 

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