martedì 6 dicembre 2016

piazza garraffello day 113

durex tropic tower

there´s nothing more i can´t explain better than this kind of magic moments in palermo, the off city. at the end good things are working like everywhere. in the last couple of months an anonym black sunglasses mister asked, asked and asked me what i can do on the worst palace covered since 2,5 years with true sicilian cement in the square of concrete and clay. impossible, because till one week ago my right arm was defect for a long time. who cares if the anonym mister loves his own city and he promised seriously that the technic money isn´t a problem. anyway the morning of the dicembre 3th was one of this days at the piazza garraffello where you have to be fast like in a videogame. 

i went down to the bancomat, like every morning, and an italian group guided from a young man mauro filippo was waiting for me without appointment. behind me an other private group of men with black sunglasses on a crane installed the new LED christmas star, while i explained the italian group why i´m not a street artist and thats why some of them bought the palermo icons value papers to see within any pictures of mine for understanding why i´m not. not mine but the other pieces of street arts around in the low square even yes and for free. after i gave the cash which i earned from the value papers to the leader of the group with the black sunglasses. they took me from the LED star of christmas directly up to the worst palace to make a beautiful palace. 30 minutes for the beauty. when i looked down to the people in the square, i saw all of them were lookin´ up to me with black sunglasses. i saw the black sunglasses mister who smiled and i recognized the durex tropic tower reflection in the sunglasses of the group. the group of the new LED christmas star. 

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