domenica 11 dicembre 2016

piazza garraffello day 118

stanza 21, anita lane, novembre 2000

ROOM 21 
2000/oct/21-nov/24 open 7 nights/week 00:00 am to 06:00 am 

in this time at the vucciria the last shops of the market were closing at 9 pm and the taverna azzurra was closing a half hour later. the market was open at 6 am in the morning. the night was empty and silent, some men around, no women, but dogs. the point why i rented for 2 mounths a small magazzino of the palazzo lo mazzarino at the piazza garraffello, the another point of good bad happy sad. i called it stanza 21. i sold 2 different drinks in a bad italian language. in front of me was an electronic organ, three chairs right and three chairs left for visitors. the most visitors were men, night workers, thieves, pimps, alcoholics and a few they can´t sleep. 6 objects inside i dedicated to 6 different women. they frequented the room in different times. mostly.

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